Video Production

Aaron has produced, edited and shot several video news reports and documentaries. Check out some of the highlights below.


In The Shadow of Borders

Co-Directors: Aaron Lakoff, Danielle Holyk, Bader Takriti, Cat Kendler, Cera Yiu, Maddie Ritts, Nicolas Quiazua, Otto Buxton-Vicenti

Is Canada the welcoming country for migrants it likes to call itself? In the Shadow of Borders challenges this myth and, through personal stories of detention, denial of essential services, labour exploitation and deportation, exposes how precarious are the lives of those without status. By connecting histories—of indigenous sovereignty, of Canada’s role in displacement, of its discriminatory policies—this documentary portrays grassroots resistance to xenophobic governmental practices and the struggle of migrants for freedom of movement.


Propagandhi Talk Politics with CUTV

The legendary Canadian punk band Propagandhi sit down to talk politics and social movements with Aaron Lakoff for CUTV.


Video Report: Montrealers Tear Down Immigration Detention Centre Fence

An independent video report of a demonstration held by Solidarity Across Borders against immigration detention practices.


CUTV: New Health Guide Released for Transgendered People in Quebec

On August 3rd, 2012, the group ASTTEQ, a health network for transgendered people, is launching a guidebook of health resources for queer and trans people in Quebec. "Self-Referred" will be launched at Citibar in Centre-sud with performances and presentations, and will also be launching a new website on the same day. CUTV caught up with some of the staff at ASTTEQ to talk about the guide, and some of the barriers transgendered people face in accessing healthcare. Because of the barriers trans people face when accessing healthcare in more traditional systems, they are often reliant on community organisations for gender-sensitive care. We also visited Head and Hands, a community health organisation in existence since 1970 in NDG, to talk about the health services they offer for the queer and transgender community.